Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Altered Books

A reinterpretation of printed material. Two artists; Brian Dettmer and Thomas Allen. Also I couldn't resist to try myself.

# 1 - Brian Dettmer http://www.ktfineart.com/artists/brian_dettmer/?show=home


# 2 - Thomas Allen works with book covers creating scenes and stories just with cut-out images. Angles of the viewer, shadows and light creates a new story often using more than one book.  Here is his web site; http://thomasallenonline.com/

# 3 - Barbara Salvadori plays with comics inspired by Thomas Allen.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Dafi Kühne

Laser-cut technology combined with traditional letterpress is what Dafi Kühne, Graphic Designer/Letterpress/Printmaker from Switzerland is passionate about.
His way of exploring technology and braking the rules is very inspiring. 
This link http://www.woodtype-now.ch/ is an on-line catalogue to really look at in details and
clicking on each image three times, shows all the details of the print and the plate itself. These are sample of his plates on show at St. Brides Library during the conference "Forward Thinking".


From Dafi's web site http://www.babyinktwice.ch/  4Colour Process process poster. 
He used a big solar plate, exposed it in the sun and washed it in the bathtub.
Here it is the link with the video. http://www.babyinktwice.ch/index15.php