Sunday, 22 May 2011

"Prototype" Fanzine is out

Bind'n Bitch published its first two issues of a fanzine Prototype.
The first one throws the Manifesto of the group which is based on principles such as recycling, re-usingfreefound and so on. The idea is to create work without buying anything.
The Prototype #0  has been designed by Barbara Salvadori. A4 photocopy on one side and screen-printed on both sides. The cover made of corrugated cardboard and a red elastic band from the Royal Mail.


Austin Charles Williams and Eloise Harris are the authors of the Prototype #1. The title is "Riddle", a well designed and a real fan-zine. Great results and coherent with the group's manifesto, so everything was recycled from discarded printed material.
There will be soon a blog dedicated exclusively to the fanzine meanwhile Joe Waghorn and Coraline Chaine are working hard on issue 2.
A blog dedicated exclusively to Prototype is ready to be launched soon.


  1. That sounds really good. Looking forward to the blog. by the way where can we find this fanzine? Veronique

  2. Fanzines are in a limited edition but we still have some.
    issue #0;
    issue #1 out of print;
    issue #2 ... on its way.